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It Pays to Be Well...                                                                         ADVERTISEMENT

“I was looking to achieve overall better health, focusing on weight loss and decrease of the appearance of cellulite.  I started loosing weight from the very start of the Endermologie Treatments.  I have already noticed a difference in the appearance of the cellulite as well as inches lost.  My skin even looks so much better.  It’s amazing!”  Wendy S.*

"I come from a family of mostly women. We have a history of yo-yo dieting. When one of us finds a new diet we're all in until we discover it doesn't work or it's just too hard to comply. I just assumed I was meant to be chunky. I "discovered" the concept of eating according to your blood type at CHC. I began shedding pounds and inches with consistency. I feel "well" really "well" Now!! I began Endermologie to help with toning & firming my new smaller body with awesome success! My advice…we are all worth the effort to improve our health." Lisa K., Educator*

"I came to CHC primarily for weight loss. I am happy to say that after several Endermologie treatments I have lost 6 pounds and one dress size!! I noticed my hips, thighs and buttocks appear smaller and a little firmer. The cellulite is not so noticeable. However, I still don't wear "shorts" yet, I'm looking forward to the other Endo treatments for even better results!!" R.S., Cosmetologist*

"I feel rejuvenated and energized after my Endermologie treatments and it is reducing the appearance of cellulite in those "problem" areas. I'm now ready for swimsuit season!" Michelle L., Homemaker, Mom*

"I feel a sense of euphoria after my sessions-lots of energy & I love the way I look in a swimsuit this year. I would highly recommend it." Tina K., Real Estate Mgmt.*

* Disclaimer e.g. Results may vary from person to person