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Associate Doctor

Amazing opportunity for the right DC, to join our team and work with as we continue to bring transformational change in our community. We take our associate doctors success serious.  We know systems drive success and passion drives systems. We have both. We also hold associates accountable to their best work. We mentor and teach the strategies of all aspects of practice success while having fun and helping a lot of people. New grads welcome. Google us and see what our patients are saying about us.  Give us a call and send us your resume. 504.454.2000 [email protected].

Intern Position available for the right individual to learn and grow by joining our successful team with a 30-year track record. This is a mentor-ship position that encourages expanded vision, builds experience and ingrains confidence. We train our staff to be the best that they can be. Licensed and unlicensed doctors are welcome to apply. Give us a call and send us your resume. 504.454.2000. [email protected].


Chiropractic Health Center/Hannan Wellness 504.454.2000

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  • "My health has improved considerably thanks to Dr. Hannan"
    Jane Doe / Metairie, Louisiana
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Hannan."
    John Doe, Metairie, Louisiana