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"Dr. Hannan,

I wanted to drop you a short note thanking you for your guidance and encouragement in my recent weight loss/health gain program.

Without your support and that of your wonderful staff my results would have been less successful.

The "Rosedale" diet approach has worked for both me and my wife and is something I can (and have) recommend. Although a bit daunting at first, we found that working together, making a plan and executing the plan together was not only fun but effective as well. The recent "end" result (loss of over 20 lbs.) is really just the beginning of a new approach to nutrition and health.

In addition to the weight loss, my cholesterol level, blood pressure and pulse have all improved and I am truly looking forward to my next medical Drs. appointment. Can't say that has been the case in the past.

Finally, I would be remiss in not asking you to pass on my thanks to everyone who works with you. They are always upbeat, friendly and attentive. You are lucky to have such a great group.

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year, T. Peter B.*

"Since I started receiving treatment I feel better physically and emotionally. Overall, it gives me a sense of well-being. The systems in my body seem to work better than they were. I don't suffer with as many allergy flare ups and digestion has improved as well." Martha, Acct. Mgr.*

"My son, Prasad A., was 15 years old when patches of baldness developed on his head. He was diagnosed with alopecia aerota. Prasad used chemotherapy drugs and other chemicals that were not FDA approved by a dermatologist to treat the baldness. I approached Dr. Hannan to please help my son. She did a nutritional assessment and found a link with a vitamin deficiency & yeast. He has been on a daily regimen of organic nutritionals and his hair is growing back. Thank you Dr. Hannan & The Lord."

Jamie A., Mom*

"I had Alopecia that no other doctor could help me with. All I wanted was to fix my problem naturally. Dr. Hannan went beyond my expectations. Not only was my hair growing back, but my skin also cleared up. I feel like I'm healthier overall." Prasad A., Student*

"Tyler, my sixteen-old son, began to suffer from ulceration in his throat. For approximately 6-7 weeks we visited 9 different doctors & the only thing they could do was give him 3 different rounds of penicillin based antibiotics, steroids, pain killers and other non-responsive solutions.After coming in and receiving muscle testing we began him on nutritional/vitamin therapy per Dr. Hannan.After only 3 days his ulcers disappeared!!!And have not returned!The ulcers were probably caused from some immune deficiencies which the therapy corrected.We also had to correct the deficiencies that the constant antibiotics & steroid caused.I highly recommend this therapy as it really works." Susan B.*

"I am so glad that an acquaintance from work told me about Dr. Hannan. About a year ago I began gaining weight & no matter how much time I spent in the gym, what supplements I took or anything else seemed to work. I started on a new supplement regime and started eating according to my blood type, as to Dr. Hannan's suggestion, and in 2 weeks lost 6 pounds! I have a lot more energy, I'm sleeping better & I'm beginning not to miss my "avoid" foods, especially the sugar, I don't crave sugar anymore! Thank you to everyone at CHC, what a fantastic staff! As of this date, I've lost 9 pounds!!!" Roxanne H., Accounting*

"Taking the supplements that were recommended by the Wellness Evaluation have really helped diminish the "hot-flashes" & other symptoms of menopause. Even after only a couple of weeks the difference is noticeable. I recommend this approach as an alternative. I was hoping to avoid HRT and now maybe I can!" Susan R., Computer Analyst*

"EB Pro has helped me in several ways. First of all, I had trouble walking, with aching joints. Now, I can walk again & more quickly than before. I bounce up & down stairs..Thank God! Also, I have lost cravings for sweets and have been able to lose some weight. I have had less trouble with allergies & I don't feel tired all the time. I have more energy each day I do a footbath detox. Since I am on my feet all day, I so appreciate the EB Pro and how it has made a difference for me." Mimi T., Sales Person/Asst. Mgr.*

"I was having discomfort in my right knee and Dr. Debbi checked me nutritionally. She recommended "Total Joint", a Nutri-West Nutritional, and my knee now is feeling great! Thanks!" Lisa H., Homemaker*

"Dr. Hannan, I want to thank you so much for your help in making my fifth pregnancy the best ever. I never felt so much energy and just over all healthy. I am so appreciative for your guidance and all you recommended for the baby and me. The 41 weeks were wonderful. Even more precious was the supernatural delivery that I experienced. I know it was because of your wisdom and love for your patients.You truly put your heart in it and I appreciate you. I would recommend any woman carrying life inside of them to go through this wonderful healthy journey. I also want to thank your staff, who is kind and always there to help get everything needed for their patients. May the hand of God continue to bless your practice. With great appreciation, Lisa and Ray H."*

"CHC & Holistic Healthcare Services played a major role in my training for Ironman.With the extensive knowledge & support of their entire staff, I was able to better balance my nutrition and recovery during my training for this event.I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to better develop total health or even to get that extra edge in their next event!"Ben E., Triathlon Coach*

"The Holistic treatment that Dr. Hannan has given me has helped me and given me so much more energy, cleared my mind which helps me sleep better, relieved my joint pain and leveled my hormones. I am truly pleased with my results. I feel it has been worth every penny I've invested. Thank you Dr. Hannan." Sandy P., Accountant*

"In August of 2008 I came to see Dr. Hannan in search of seeking a plan for wellness and energy.Over the last two months I have been taking nutritional supplements and doingEB Treatments twice a week.My energy and mood levels have increased tremendously.When I do not follow my diet properly, I notice a difference immediately.The staff at the clinic is wonderful and I have enjoyed coming to the clinic."Melanie G., Property Mgr.*

"I came to Dr. Hannan'soffice by referral from another co-worker. She told me how much the supplements that her son was taking fro a medical condition had really improved his overall health. I had been having trouble sleeping for years and just wanted to improve my health, increase my energy level & lose weight. The initial consultation was amazing. It was fascinating to see how the lack of different minerals in my body affected my energy levels. She also recommended the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" diet for me and EB-Pro Detox Treatments. I have had 4 treatments so far, following the diet, taking my supplements and wearing my magnet for a week now. I have already started to lose weight. I am so much more focused and productive. I am sleeping much better and I feel great!"Jennifer L., R.N.*

"My son has mild dyslexia & A.D.D. I found medicine did not work for him because he had such a small form of this dysfunctionality in his life, but also prominent in his life. He was always very sensitive to the medicine. Nothing worked because he didn't have full blown A.D.D. We tried all different kinds of "cocktails", as they call it. I didn't like the effects it had on my son, it didn't fix his problem. He had a hard time focusing on school work and the emotional level was high in the classroom dealing with other kids. I have been bringing my 8 year old son here for Wellness Treatments for about a year now. With constant prayer and consistency with the nutrition protocol and Wellness treatments I have seen better results in his school and all aspects of his life." Melissa C., MOM*

"My experience here at CHC has been great! I love the friendly caring staff and Dr. Hannan has gotten me out of pain! The supplements she suggested were very effective too!"Melissa L.*

"The Nutri-West counseling is incredible! I had been suffering for months with chronic fatigue. I was totally exhausted-all day, every day. After a few weeks on the supplements suggested by Dr. Hannan following the Nutrition Consultation I noticed a dramatic increase in energy and alertness. I also brought my 10 year old daughter for chiropractic adjustments and a Nutri-West Consult. She has always been tired and her immune system was terrible. After just a few short weeks we have noticed an improved quality of life. Her pediatrician noticed right away how much better she looked. Now we're both feeling great and we owe it all to Dr. Hannan and the incredible supplements provided." Connie Q., Homemaker*

"The ChiropracticHealthCenter has been very instrumental in realigning my life so that I may live a healthier & pain-free life. CHC has been a very friendly & welcoming environment throughout my treatment. I have really appreciated their sincerity and concern for my health." Jeremy L., Grad. Student.*

"I am at a point in my life that I always look for Wellness plans. When I was introduced to EB-Pro Cellular Cleanse at Dr. Hannan's office I was excited to find that after just a few treatments I was sleeping better and I realized that I didn't get my annual sinus infections! Doing nothing else different even my family & co-workers recognized that I wasn't getting sick either!" Lynn G., Sales.*

"Since I started receiving treatment I feel better physically and emotionally. Overall, it gives me a sense of well-being. The systems in my body seem to work better than they were. I don't suffer with as many allergy flare ups and digestion has improved as well." Martha, Acct. Mgr.*

* Disclaimer e.g. Results may vary from person to person

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