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"My goal is to live healthy, eat smart, live long & enjoy life. Ideal Protein helped me reach that goal! I've lost 45 lbs. on the Ideal Program. I thought I needed to lose about 30 lbs. but as I got into it I realized I needed to lose more. What I liked about Ideal Protein is that it wasn't about buying food forever. It was about changing your eating habits & lifestyle. Losing the weight for the right reasons, the right way & learning to keep it off! It has catapulted me into the BEST shape of my life! I have great energy, I sleep better & I feel great about how I look & feel! I never thought at 51yo I'd be in better shape then when I was 25yo. I would recommend it to someone who can go "ALL IN" and is committed to not only losing weight, but changing their life! Daron, my Coach, has become a mentor to me in how I eat, what I eat, how I exercise & gave me the confidence to believe I can do this...and I DID IT!!!" Ricky B., Sales*

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*Results Vary see below

"I heard great success from people who did Ideal Protein. What really attracted me to this diet is there are no diet pills, its all natural & you get quick results. This diet has taught me how to eat better & understand the importance of staying healthy. It works! It's all natural & I feel & look so much better! It's also very educational & important to know about eating right & staying healthy. I've reached my weight loss goal of 30 pounds!" Ivette C., Receptionist*

“I have tried many diets without success the last 2 years. A couple of friends recommended Ideal Protein. They had lost over 60 lbs. Ideal Protein is a healthy way to lose weight. I learned how to eat right & I like the weekly consult with Lauren, my coach, it made me feel like somebody else is looking after me and it motivated me to stay on the diet. I feel healthy with lots of energy and have a new enthusiasm for life! I’ve lost 40 lbs so far & I’m still losing!” Susana P.*

“My goal was to get my blood results into healthy levels & to learn what foods help me keep those healthy levels. A friend at work & another friend in my life went on Ideal Protein & now look great! After research and having tried various “diets” I decided I would give it a try. Ideal Protein has made me conscious of the correct amount of vegetables & protein’s I should consume in a day. Also, how much water I should drink. The program will teach you how to eat properly & consume what foods are correct for your body chemistry. However, I’m still working on that part. I like the weekly meeting with my Coach which we get to discuss various things that work or do not work. I reached my goal of losing 35 lbs with Ideal Protein!” Abby B., Accountant*

“At 309 lbs I could hardly more festivals, parades or other “fun” functions that New Orleans is known for. I basically couldn’t’ walk any distance without a shopping cart. I had to do something! Today at 70 years old and after 1 year I’ve lost over 100 lbs. on the Ideal Protein Program! I choose Ideal because I knew other people who had participated & they did well. Ideal has changed my life! Life is FUN again! It’s a safe & well thought-out program-no pills! It has taught me how to eat without me even realizing it at the time. I accidentally found out …I can cross my legs again or get up from the floor without help! My self esteem had taken a beaten but now, with my mobility back and all the compliments I’m receiving on a daily basis, I’m back on track! I feel great, look so much better & move like a butterfly! What fun! I’m getting healthy & in control & I owe it all to Ideal Protein!!” Karen D., Retired*

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*Results vary see below

"Ideal Protein is NOT a's a Solution that changes your life Forever! I struggled for years to lose weight. Ideal Protein offered the structure, discipline & guidance I needed to be successful. My Coach offered the support & accountability I needed to exceed my weight loss Goals! I met my goal last May & have kept the weight off through a changed way of life instilled in me by what I learned from The Ideal Weight Loss Method & my Coach. It's the ONLY "weigh" to go!" Stephanie F.*

Stephanie met & Exceeded her weight loss goals & so can you! She LOST Over 40 lbs & Over 30 inches with Ideal & She's keeping it off!

“My goal is to lose 150 lbs & so far I’ve lost 89 & counting! I learned about Ideal Protein through a friend. My life has changed COMPLETELY! Got my mobility back after years of “sitting on the sidelines of life”…I’m living again! Ideal Protein is a SOUND program based on eating “the right foods” and learning or re-training myself to eat properly. The support of my Counselor means so much! She cares about my progress and cheers me on. I think Ideal is a solid program. I’ve been on many diet programs and always gained it back. I have confidence that the weight will stay off because Ideal changed my lifestyle!” Karen D., Retired*

“I love the Ideal Protein Program because it works! With discipline & determination you can do it! IP made a major change in my health…no more high blood pressure, no more knee pain and an overall awesome feeling of feeling great all the time and I’m able to do things I would not do before because of my weight. So far I’ve lost 120 lbs & I ain’t done yet!” Julie A., Receptionist*

"My goal was to lose weight & maintain the loss. I've tried a lot of other diets, but this was different. It changed the way my body uses insulin & reduced my cravings. It has taught me how to make better choices by understanding what is in the foods & how my body uses them. Never knew so many vegetables had so much sugar in them. It works! I am rarely hungry & I don't "snack" anymore. I have totally cut fast food out of my diet & I am so motivated to maintain because I feel better than I have felt in years!" Kelly H., Accountant/CPA*

“I began the Ideal Protein Program just to lose some weight. O.M.G. I am a new man thanks to IP! It works & is life changing! I was a Type II Diabetic & on 5 different meds and now I am no longer a diabetic and I’m off all the meds thanks to the Program! I’ve lost over 75 lbs so far!” David N., HealthCare*

“I started the Ideal Protein Program because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I wanted to lose some weight. I could never lose weight & wanted to give this a try. I also saw results on some of my friends. Since I’ve began I feel much happier & better overall, health wise & I’m starting to like myself again. I would recommend the IP Program because it works! As long as you follow the program it works! If I can lose weight with IP…anyone can!” Debbie A. Retired*

“I came after I witnessed Susan R.’s results with Ideal Protein Program. She had a healthy glow and weight loss. I’ve noticed a fantastic improvement in energy and I feel 1000% healthier- Improved breathing & loving life! I think IP has added years to my life. I recommend it to everyone I know who asks “What have you been doing? You look great!” I have probably tried most diets in the past…IP works! I’ve lost over 30 far! Also, Lauren is a great counselor!” Pat B., Realtor*

“My deal was the threat to my “manhood” in undergoing a diet!? My expectations were wildly exceeded. Hang was a great mentor and the diet is the best decision my wife and I have made in our marriage. Great friendly staff and clean facility. I recommend Ideal Protein to all who ask what happened to me…cause I lost 60 lbs!” Jesse R., Musician*

“I originally started coming for chiropractic care after my 4th car accident in 6 years (I was rear-ended all 4 times). Since starting I’ve also done Wellness with Dr. Hannan, Zerona Lipo-Laser, Endermologie and the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years-eating healthy, exercising, etc. Before Ideal Protien only 600 calories/day with 3+ hours at the gym worked but I was just maintaining. With Ideal Protein I went from 238 lbs. to 192 lbs. in 13 weeks without having to spend extra time working out. I don’t have hunger issues & the increase in self esteem makes it easy to stay on the diet! And I’m not finished…yet!” Violet A., Engineer*

"Usually I have tried dieting on my own with little success, but this past year I was struggling with my weight loss. I drive by CHC all the time and see advertisement for weight loss on the sign. I travel a lot and didn't know how the Ideal Protein Diet would work for me. But I'm the kind of person where when I put my mind to something I will stick with it. I feel so much better now…being 42 lbs. lighter! I lost 9 inches in my waist and now my biggest problem is I have to buy new jeans!!!" Vera M., Analyst*

"I heard about the Ideal Protein Diet from my visits here at CHC. I realized that this was my opportunity to lose the extra weight I have been carrying around & do it healthfully! In the first 2 months I was able to get off my blood pressure medicine. Now I feel healthy & have gone form an 18/20 t a size 10. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to lose weight.. so far I've lost over 54 lbs. and I'm still losing!" Lynn S., Office Mgr.*

"I was concerned, being I only wanted to lose 10-15 pounds, that the diet simply wouldn't work or that it may be a solution to temporary weight loss leading right back to where I started. Ideal Protein has been a true way of life change for me. I feel better, look better and have a more positive attitude. I truly have more energy than I have had in 10 years. My skin looks great! I even sleep better at night. I have always been petite, but I have never felt this lean and fantastic! I've lost 10 lbs, my mother lost 35 lbs. and we couldn't be happier!" C.S.*

"I've lost 23 lbs. and over 21 inches! I lost weight & feel better!" C.B.*

"My #1 objective is to be healthy & comfortable in my body and to lose weight. My expectations were met above and beyond. I never thought a diet could work so fast. I am very excited that I found something so great. I am so thankful for everyone here at CHC. I have lost about 40 lbs. and 23 inches in 12 weeks on Ideal Protein!" A. M., Restaurant Mgr.*

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*Results vary see below

" After research & various diets, I decided to give this a try.This diet has taught me how to eat properly & what the correct foods are for my body chemistry. I love the weekly meetings with my coach!" A. B. 57 yo Accountant LOST OVER 35 lbs!

"Not only were my health goals met, I was also able to begin a Wellness Program to enhance my overall well-being. With the Ideal Protein Diet I have not only lost over 30 lbs., but I dropped 6 sizes-something I have never accomplished before even when reaching the same weight. The Ideal Program reshapes the body. The support from my coach, Hang, and all the doctors and staff at CHC make every visit a wonderful and uplifting experience!" Susan R.*

"My goal prior to starting Ideal Protein was to lose weight. Not only have I lost weight but I have learned more about better nutrition via my coach, Lauren, and I feel healthier. At first I was unsure if I would be able to stick to the diet. But with Lauren's patience and guidance I was able to find things I could enjoy eating without feeling deprived. The staff and my coach were there when I needed encouragement. I am extremely happy with my results and my husband is also pleased." K. G., RN*

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*Results vary see below

"I wanted to lose weight & be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle & after seeing so many people on Ideal Protein succeed and also keep the weight off, I decided to try it. I have learned to eat for enjoyment & not for compulsion or boredom. I look at food completely different and realize

now how unhealthy my so-called "diet" foods were before Ideal. I recommend Ideal because it works!

I have over 10 people who have started this program and are doing amazing! It works for every body type. This program has changed my life! No more blood pressure medication! I was a size 12 and now a size 4!!!" Fay B.*

*Every effort has been made to accurately represent all products and services on this site. There is no guarantee that you will get specific results by following the ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee.


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