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In 20 stress-free minutes a day you can achieve ultimate relaxation.  Our scientifically-proven approach balances your mind in a way that can transform your life. Choose targeted audio programs designed to help unlock vitality & peak performance!

Wellness Consult

Dr. Hannan's Wellness Consult includes diet, nutrition, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Supplementation & much more. She has a Master's in Nutrition & she is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. 


Far-Infrared Sauna

It's a Relaxing "weigh" to get the Junk out of your Trunk!


"I have experienced a fine "awakening" since I came to the Chiropractic Health Center. The beneficial effects of detox using the Far-Infrared Sauna are allowing me to sleep more soundly, have more energy throughout the day and feel great!" Susan F., Molecular Geneticist


Women_exercising.jpg Most people who attempt to live healthfully don't think detoxification is necessary for their family. This thinking is usually based on comparing themselves to those they know who eat fast food regularly, smoke, don't exercise, and believe their water intake is sufficient as long as they consume two glasses of sweetened tea a day. But the facts show that even if you work on removing the heavy toxic hitters from your life like:

Trans fats- MSG,.and all it's pseudo names - Artificial Sweeteners including Splenda or Sucralose - Pesticides and Herbicides, the Dirty Dozen (EWG's 12 highest pesticide foods)- Chlorine, Fluoride and Bromine- Over Abundance of Omega 6 fatty acids - Toxic Supplements -Fast Foods- HFCS- High Fructose Corn Syrup -Plasticizers - Hormone laden meat - Over the counter and prescription drugs- Sugar and other high glycemic carbohydrates- Canned, Boxed and Refined Food - Household cleaning supplies and building products - Personal care and beauty products

There is still reason to be concerned:

EB_pro_pic.jpg Dr. Sherry Rogers explains in her book "Detoxify or Die", that toxins plague everyone on planet earth; even life in remote places like the North Pole is toxic. Due to the abundance of environmental poisons that we are all exposed to our bodies are overwhelmed and toxins slowly accumulate because our systems are unable to keep up with necessary levels of detoxification. Dr. Rogers explains, "We inhale well over 500 (environmental chemicals) everyday in the average home environment, and this does not even count the office, factory or traffic and the rest of out doors" (Detoxify or Die, 2002 pg 53).

Symptoms of toxicity are enormously varied but some examples include: weight gain, hormone disruption, depression, mood swings, memory problems, loss of libido, allergies, body aches, migraines, fibromyalgia, neurological disorders, immune system disorders, arthritis, cancer and most disease processes. Dr Rogers believes that a persons toxic overload is the root of all "incurable" symptoms. (The Cholesterol Hoax, 2008,pg 3230)

Dr. Rogers suggests a number of methods that everyone should use to detox themselves from the daily onslaught of chemicals.

  1. A macrobiotic diet of beans, legumes, whole grains, sea algae, and loaded with fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Good Quality Nutritional Supplements
  3. A simple "Detox Cocktail" once or twice a day to rev up both phases of liver detoxification. This cocktail includes: A heaping teaspoon of Vitamin C Powder (pure ascorbic acid), Lipoic Acid300-600 mg, Glutathione400-800 mg ,All in 1-2 large glasses of water
  4. Detox Enema's- with organic coffee
  5. Regular use of the Far Infrared Sauna-, which is designed to get the chemicals out through sweating. These saunas are efficient in removing heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organic hydrocarbons, plasticizers (aka pthalates, Teflon, PCB's, dioxins) and other hormones disruptors.In studies done by the Mayo Clinic end- stage congestive heart failure patients (no more drugs could help), could be reversed with the use of far- infrared saunas. These special low temperature saunas could be used when most heart patients have to avoid high temperatures. The sauna helped them sweat out chemicals safely and thereby achieved the "impossible-reversing" a "non-reversible" disease. It is important to be on good supplements and to replace minerals lost during sweating.
  6. Rectal Chelation with EDTA. These rectal suppositories aid in the removal of heavy metals.
  7. Oral Chelation with DMSA -a potent chelator for mercury and other heavy metals.

Chiropractic Health Center and Holistic Healthcare Services are committed to coaching, equipping and motivating our patients to higher levels of health. Our detoxification services include:

  1. Nutritional Consultations
  2. High Quality Supplementation crohns_disease.jpg
  3. Homeopathic Heavy Metal Immobilizers
  4. Air and Water Solutions
  5. Electro-magnetic Protection Devices
  6. Far-Infrared Sauna
  7. EB Cellular Cleanse
  8. Endermologie-for superior enhancement of lymphatic circulation
  9. ASERT- Allergy Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique
  10. EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
  11. Percussion Body Work
  12. Dr. Brimhall's 6 Steps to Wellness

R-U Toxic?

Take the Toxicity Questionaire to see if you should participate in our Detox Program!

Toxicity Questionaire

In our clinic we use the EB-Pro Cellular Cleanse Therapy by Erchonia Medical. It's an 18-23 minute session where you place your feet or hands into a warm aqueous solution while the machine creates an ionic field which enables the body to eliminate unwanted toxins that are stored in our tissues. There are 3 ways toxic materials can become trapped in the "matrix (the extracellular, cytoplasmic, and nuclear matrices that form a continuously interconnected fabric extending throughout the body). It is the operation of this system that is compromised by toxic accumulation. The fuctioning of virtually all of the physiological systems will be enhanced by toxic removal. Toxins can be mechanically trapped, ionic binding to charges on the matrix surfaces, and uncharged molecules adhere to the matrix"-all of which the EB-Pro addresses during the treatment. Patients report having better quality of sleep, less pain, more energy, and a general improved sense of well-being. It's an amazing thing to see the amount of "junk" that comes out of some of our patients, but they all report feeling much better after completing the program!"

For more information about EB-Pro Cellular Cleanse Therapy go to www.ebfootbath.com

We also use High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna for another great source of detoxification.

Far Infrared Saunas are another great way to eliminate unwanted toxins from our systems. Patients enjoy the fact that they don't have to get as hot as conventional saunas but still sweat enough to get the healthy benefits their body's need.

For more information about Far Infrared Saunas go to


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