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"Last year my wife & I were on a Mission to lose weight! We followed the Ideal Protein Diet as we were supposed to. I started the diet at 198 lbs.& in 4 months ended my Journey at 157 lbs. The Diet Works! The guidance & support from the Coaches helped as well." Roy. B Lost 41 lbs

Chiropractic Health Center & Hannan Wellness provides healthy weight management services that are tailored to individual needs and goals. Our approach includes educating our patients regarding proper dietary habits and lifestyle choices that are commonly misunderstood. Correct information can yield much stronger results. It's often a number of little things that can make a BIG difference in weight loss. Our office also helps patients achieve forward momentum through the process of synergy that occurs with a multi- focused approach.


Do you feel like you have a hard time losing weight no matter how disciplined you are with diet and exercise?CLICK HEREfor more info.

Services include:

1) ZERONA...Lose Inches with Light.....not Liposuction...Lose Inches with Light.....not Liposuction

ZERONA melts fat...Without cell destruction ...No Surgery....No Pain......No Swelling....

No Recovery needed....ZERONA is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove fat and reduce inches. The ZERONA Lipo-Laser allows patients to remain active which is not the case with invasive weight loss surgery.

CBS's The Doctors Showcases Remarkable Body Contouring Effects of the Zerona Laser

ZERONA, an innovative laser and a revolutionary body contouring treatment, was featured on CBS's hit show The Doctors on Monday, April 27th. They showed a first hand the story of woman who struggled for years to lose weight but was not ready to commit to an invasive plastic surgery procedure. See the amazing before and after story and how after six treatments with the ZERONA laser, the she lost 5 inches from her waist, 1.5 inches from her hips, 2 inches from each thigh and a total of 10 lbs. Clients in our office are reaching and exceeding their weight loss goals....call today to begin your body transformation with the new ZERONA laser treatments @ 504.454.2000 or CLICK HERE for more info.

2) LPG's Endermologie Cellulite Reduction Program....

A mechanical "massage-like" technique which literally breaks down the fibrous cellular walls that trap in fat which causes the appearence of cellulite. A 35 minute treatment of Endermologie begins to break down the walls and allows the body to eliminate the fat via the lymph system. Not only is Endermologie great for cellulite it also is wonderful for overall health, it increases the lymph flow up to 400% for over 6 hours after your treatment as well as a 300% increase in blood circulation for over 3 hours. When you complete a treatment you feel exhilerated and energetic and your "skinny jeans" fit great again! Go to www.endermologie.com for more info.

3) Personalized Nutritional Consultations

Dr. Hannan's approach to your health is multifaceted. She believes accurate information & synergy are the keys to your exponential success. She arms you with individualized strategies that can propel you forward into a new place of wellness victory. Current accepted dietary and lifestyle patterns leads individuals to a host of chronic degenerative diseases. These conditions can be avoided by reducing internal unrecognized inflammation and toxicity. Toxins alone can interfere with thyroid function, promote inflammation and damage the energy centers of each cell called the mitochondria.Both toxins and inflammation steal body energy, increase weight gain and make it difficult to lose weight.

Consider that your body is a structure that is not stagnant.It is ever changing.It is made of over 10 trillion cells.These cells are not the ones you are born with.Every moment cells are dying and being replaced with new cells.Your daily choices can create cells that are stronger or cells that are deteriorating, like deposits or withdrawals in a bank account.

Isn't it exciting to know that new choices can bring positive changes on a cellular level?

4)IDEAL Protein-Your Last Diet

A medically designed protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass. Clients lose an average 3-7 lbs. a week. The results are predictable and repeatable so click HERE to get more info. on IDEAL Protein to reach your weight loss goals today! Visit IdealCHC.com for more info.


5) Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Dr. Hannan relies on saliva testing to determine a patient's hormone status and replacement needs.An understanding of the differences between saliva and serum is necessary to appreciate the reliability of saliva testing.Serum or blood testing reports the levels of the biologically inactive hormones (95%).They are biologically inactive because they are protein bound and therefore are too large to fit on the cell membrane receptors.Thereby, they do not affect the tissue levels of hormones.

Saliva testing reports the biologically active hormone levels (5%) exclusively.Therefore, saliva is an excellent medium to test the bio-available levels of steroid hormones in the body.

Saliva testing is the only effective way to measure and then monitor the levels of transdermal or topical bio-identical hormone replacement.

Our office frequently tests five different hormones for evaluation of sex hormones and adrenal glands.Estradiol-Progesterone-Testosterone-DHEA & Cortisol-depending on the patients needs.

For more information https://www.labrix.com

6) Detoxification

Far-Infrared Sauna- High Tech Health's Far-Infrared Sauna heat the cell of your body from the inside-out, causing the cells to regurgitate unwanted toxins from within them which is then carried out through your sweat glands. For more info go to www.hightechhealth.com

EB-Pro Cellular Cleanse- Erchonia's EB-Pro utilizes an ionic footbath to extract toxins from within the cells of your body as well as heavy metal toxins that could be trapped between the cells within the cellular matrix that forms your bodies tissues. Check out www.ebfootbath.com for details.

For complete explanation of DETOXIFICATION services CLICK HERE.

7) BrainTap

Brain Tap is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response while achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.


8) EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an effective technique utilized worldwide by medical practitioners to clear emotional blocks which effect your body's bio-energetic system. It utilizes acupuncture energy meridians without the use of needles. Since weight loss is often hindered by emotional barriers, EFT is an effective technique that is used along with healthy diet & lifestyle choices to achieve optimum weight loss goals. Although, EFT success is not just limited to weight loss.

EFT will help you... Weight_loss.jpg

  • Remove Negative Emotions
  • Eliminate Self-Sabotage Strategies
  • Eliminate Emotional Over-eating
  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Achieve Weight Loss Goals
  • Reduce Pain...and much, much more.

For more information go to: www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse1.htm or www.emofree.com

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