Success Stories

Sooner or Later Health Becomes Everyone's Priority


“After spending four days in Disney World my lower back was hurting and the side of my right thigh was numb & hurt. I was concerned about getting the total feeling back in my thigh and easing the pain. After treatment at CHC not only did the lower back feel better, but after several visits the numbness in my thigh was gone & the pain was gone!” Evanne D., Teacher*

“I had bad pain in both lower & middle back. The pain was bad enough that it was affecting my quality of life. I was tired all the time and did not sleep well at night. The DRX Program, including the percussion treatments, has been wonderful. I am almost totally free of the pain & continually improving. These treatments have definitely improved my quality of life! The staff is very professional and they take a personal interest in your well-being. I will definitely recommend the CHC to anyone who is experiencing back pain.” Bill M., Retired*

“I was looking for relief of sever back pain due to a car accident. I was convinced to come to CHC by my wife as a better solution than pain relievers. The services exceeded my expectations by swiftly lowering the amounts of pain I was in and eliminating all pain in only a few months. The office is convenient to get to and flexible enough to work around my busy schedule. I was so happy with the treatment that I recommended the clinic to friends & co-workers and immediately returned when involved in another accident.” Michael S., IT Supervisor*

“I came to CHC to overcome pain in my neck due to auto injury. CHC provided immediate relief as well as immune support during cold/flu season. The caring professionals still continue to exceed my expectations since I first came in 2011! Wonderful & friendly staff!” Courtney B., Mortician*

“I had a problem with neck pain and having utilized chiropractic treatment before for my lower back, I was familiar with the techniques used to make adjustments. Although, I still had concerns with adjustments to my neck area. I have to say that after a consultation and a couple of visits with Dr. White I began to get relief from the neck pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. White now for a couple of months and she has eliminated the neck pain and overall I feel much better. Chiropractic Health Center has exceeded my expectations. Dr. White and the entire staff are wonderful. Everyone is friendly, caring and do their jobs in a professional manner.” Everett S., Activity Coordinator*

“My goal was to be surrounded by a first class team & staff that knew there jobs & could help me get better. My expectations were exceeded. Friendly staff & great Doctors, nice atmosphere, everyone knows you when you come in for service. Keep up the good work!” Monte M., Truck Driver*

“After sleeping on a sofa I experienced a serious problem with my left shoulder. The pain was at the top of the charts, so much that I was fearful of driving, since looking to the left was excruciating. I returned to the care of CHC. Within a few days Dr. White had me moving much better & in a couple of weeks I was back to normal! It’s not just the skill of the Doctor’s & staff, but its also the care & compassion they give each & every patient under their care!” Louis G., Jr., Diagnostic Engineer*

“My wife & I were in a bad car accident and were in a lot of pain. The doctors & staff have the best customer skills I ever experienced. The care I received was the best anyone could offer. If I’m ever in need of chiropractic care this office is my number one choice!” Pythian J., Nursing Assisstant*

“I really didn’t expect to get the results I needed. My neck & lower back were always in pain. Pain pills only masked the pain, but NEVER corrected the problem. Therefore, it was time to try something else & that was to get adjustments by a chiropractor. I am delighted and humbled that after only 3 weeks of care that my pain is GONE & I feel GREAT! It is so clear now to me what is “the cure”.” Jennifer P., Lawn Service*

“I was doing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and fell in love with the staff. I had been having shooting pains in my right leg for a long time. I met Dr. White and fell in love with her personality. She took the time to talk to me, even though I had never seen a chiropractor before I decided to give it a try because of her. pain on a pain scale 1-10 was a 6. After only 3 months it has gone down to a 1! I still have some pain but progress is being made! Dr. White has a “way” with her abilities; she knew exactly what to do. To be honest, I was very impressed! My experience with Dr. White has changed my view on chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. White & have referred in new patients.” Debbie A., Retired*

“Dr. White exceeded my expectations! Not only did my back & hips feel more aligned & less pain, but for years my knees have always given me pain. I feel 15 years younger. I am able to do things an not suffer the next day. Thank you!” Katherine B., Acct. Mgr.*

“I’m a restaurant owner and I never really needed chiropractic until now. The first time I came here I couldn’t sit down, now after a few visits I am almost pain free! Yes, all my expectations were met, thank you!” Wendy L., Restaurant Owner*

“I was looking to achieve overall better health, focusing on weight loss and decrease of the appearance of cellulite. I started loosing weight from the very start of the Endermologie Treatments. I have already noticed a difference in the appearance of the cellulite as well as inches lost. My skin even looks so much better. It’s amazing!” Wendy S.*

“I came to CHC for my lower back & wrist pain. Every time I leave from here I feel like a new person! I went from not being able to lift an empty pot (wrist pain) to now I can! Every service they offer is “da Bomb”! I leave feeling 100% better. I feel centered & healed with every visit. I look forward to seeing the friendly staff too. I wouldn’t/couldn’t go anywhere else!” Colleen G., Sales *

“An evaluation was performed and some answers were revealed as to why I was experiencing pain. My expectations were more than met, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’m able to move in a manner I haven’t been able to in years. It’s a process and a journey that I’m happy to be rediscovering!” Angela G., Potterer*

“I came here because I saw the sign out front. 3 weeks ago I was “screetching” in pain, I couldn’t sleep, sit or walk without pain. It was miserable. Within 7 adjustments the pain was reduced in my back, hip & calf. By the 9th adjustment….SO MUCH BETTER! I am so grateful to Dr. White & everyone here who have been so helpful.” Rosemary Y., RN Retired*

“This is my 3rd Percussion Treatment and every time I feel like a new person! Energies & a whole-body wellness feeling. I think it is better than a massage!” Virginia L., Retired*

“I wanted to rid my body of toxins and feel better, both physically & mentally. My expectations were met…definitely! It took a few times using the EB-Pro Detox & Far-Infrared Sauna before I would sweat. But now, I can literally watch the toxins leaving my body through the sweat pouring off of me! I feel great-my skin is clear, I have more energy, less aches & pains and I am sleeping more soundly! I love the combination of EB-Pro Detox & the Sauna!” Sharon S., Legal Secretary*

“I love the Ideal Protein Program because it works! With discipline & determination you can do it! IP made a major change in my health…no more high blood pressure, no more knee pain and an overall awesome feeling of feeling great all the time and I’m able to do things I would not do before because of my weight. So far I’ve lost 120 lbs & I ain’t done yet!” Julie A., Receptionist*

“I began the Ideal Protein Program just to lose some weight. O.M.G. I am a new man thanks to IP! It works & is life changing! I was a Type II Diabetic & on 5 different meds and now I am no longer a diabetic and I’m off all the meds thanks to the Program! I’ve lost over 75 lbs so far!” David N., HealthCare*

“I had always heard “that once you see a Chiropractor, you are never the same.” Also, that Chiropractors are like witchdoctors! Since I have been consistently seeing Dr. White I no longer have neck pain & my headaches have been greatly reduced. I do feel that my “structure” is starting to improve.” Mitch O., Sales Mgr.*

“I had been seeing another doctor but wasn't getting the results I wanted so I decided to try CHC. My back, hips, neck & trap were in terrible shape which caused me intense pain and mobility issues. The diversity of treatment, attention to detail and positive attitude of the staff has been a blessing. I enjoy coming for my appointments! Even my neck strengthening exercises, which has been amazing! NO MORE PAIN! I Love It!” Rose G.*

“I had no real objections but had never used chiropractic services as a means of treatment. I didn't know what to expect or if it would even be helpful. I am still currently in treatment but I am much, much better. The pain is diminished and in some areas of my back and neck completely gone! I am very pleased with the outcome thus far.” Deb*

“I was having pretty significant back pain which was keeping me from being able to do what I needed. I have only been here a few visits and I am already feeling better.” Rob M., Construction Foreman*

“I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor because of all the bad things you hear, but since I began chiro…all the pain in my lower back and leg are…gone! Everyone here is very friendly and professional. I would recommend it to everyone.” Robert*

“I have been using chiropractic care for several years. My initial concern was is it possible to treat pain without medication? Also, would chiropractic care really work? I have had back pain and sought medical attention which usually meant taking muscle relaxers and help momentarily, but with chiropractic care it is very effective and eliminated my back pain and neck pain. I now come periodically for adjustments and I am pain-free!” Gerald M.*

“My #1 Objection to seeking care/services would be the fact that I previously tried chiropractic treatments before with a different office, but had little to no results. There was no personal touch at that office either. The care/services I have received here have made a tremendous impact on my quality of life. I am feeling better that I have felt in a long time. My expectations have been exceeded. Coming to Hannan Chiropractic Health Center has changed my outlook on my future.” Suzanne D., Special Ed. Teacher*

“Gregory was hit by a car. He rolled under the car and was dragged for a short distance. He received multiple lacerations to the face and arm. The day after, we came to Dr. Hannan’s office to start Cold-Laser therapy. It has been 3 weeks after and he is healing wonderfully!” Ashley T. (Gregory’s Mom!)*

“I had no objections, I love chiropractic care and I love Dr. Hannan and her office staff. Right now I’m working with Dr. Lockhart. I am extremely happy with him. I really like the way that he incorporates massage (percussion) with adjustments for maximum benefit. I appreciate his thoroughness and I always leave the office feeling better then when I came.” Beth M.*

“I had a little fear of the “unknown” of chiropractic, but after 20 years of middle back pain I decided to give in. My General Doctor could offer no help. After 3 visits all pain and discomfort were….GONE! Dr. White & staff were great and I am very grateful.” Brad, Restaurant Mgr.*

“My only objection to chiropractic care might be that the pain management doctor didn’t think it was a good idea. Wow! Was he wrong! My expectations were met in every way. My pain has been reduced to almost nothing. Thank you Dr. Hannan & staff!” Charles H., A/C & Heating Contractor*

“I had not had any chiropractic services in the past and was nervous about coming in. With encouragement from a friend who used Chiropractic Health Center’s services & was well pleased, I decided to try it. I am very glad I decided to try CHC, as within just a couple of weeks I started feeling much better and my back started feeling much better & flexible without pain! I was able to start moving around like I should be able to. My expectations were far exceeded at CHC!” Angela C., Mgr.*

“I felt healthier and largely pain free after every visit. My expectations were exceeded by quite a bit. +50 Bonus Points for Total Comfort!” Tyler B., Student*

“My goal was to avoid having surgery, since the injections did not work. And yes, after 3 months of treatment…I now have…NO PAIN!” Karen S., Secretary*

“Being that I am a former nurse who worked in the medical profession, I had my reservations regarding chiropractic care. However, with every adjustment & therapy I began to feel better and better-both physically & psychologically. My expectations were not only met but they increased with each visit & continued to be met and exceeded. I went from not being able to turn my head without pain to full flexibility. I was definitely a total critic walking in & I am a total believer walking out.” Kyndel P., Resort Mgr.*

“My only objection would be having to make the time to come for a visit (my problem not yours.) I guess at some point I need to take care of myself and be healthy which leads to being happy and well. 1) I feel better & 2) All expectations were met.” FHB, Sales*

"I was hesitant to come to chiropractic care. I did not think it would help with my headaches & pain but I was clearly wrong. My pain was dissolved quicker than I thought it would be. The doctors and techs worked to help resolve my pain quickly. My expectations were met & I am satisfied with the service. I am treated professionally & as a person, not just a number." Lisa L., Server*

"I have never been to a chiropractor before and was not open to alternative medicine until my friend, Sheila, convinced me to give ya'll a try. I had never even noticed your business before even though I passed it many times. Your treatment has exceeded my expectations. I have only had 3 treatments and I already feel better. I am encouraged that my pains will be history soon." Terrie D., Paralegal*

"I realized I needed chiropractic care and was referred by other family members and friends to CHC. My job requires me to be on my feet (sitting is not permitted) for 12-20 hours/day, for months at a time. As a result, much damage has been done to my lower back. My visits with Dr. Hannan have released the tension and tightness in my lower back and I have been able to feel comfort in my body again, instead of constant dull pain. I have greater range of motion and have become more aware of my posture and standing positions. I enjoy other wellness services such as EB-Pro Detox & Endermologie. The staff is great, very caring & knowledgeable. Thanks CHC!" Cali P., Assistant Director*

"I was in an auto accident and was having neck and upper back pain. I am feeling much better now. My muscle tightness is definitely better. Everyone in this office is awesome. It was really enjoyable and comfortable to be treated here." Susie M.*

"I came to CHC to alleviate neck & back pain via chiropractic services. I no longer experience excruciating neck & back pain. I attribute this to the treatments provided by Dr. Hannan and her staff as well as lifestyle recommendations made by her. I refer Hannan Wellness to friends and family for chiropractic care by its outstanding staff." Linda M.*

"I could no longer walk due to lower back & hip problems which I got from a car accident in 2007 that injured both my knees, requiring surgery on one, then I over-compensated my weight shift to the other to be able to walk and now my back, hip & shoulders hurt too & my neck is stiff! The exam was very thorough and the treatment plan developed focused on all my issues-my neck, shoulders, back, hips & knees. After 5 treatments I could walk down the steps in my home one at a time instead of using the railing & both feet per each step. I could turn my neck to drive and the throbbing in my knees & hip diminished enough for me to go shopping with my Mom and I only use pain pills to sleep at night!" Sherie C., Merchant Services Rep*

"CHC is allowing me to keep working. My expectations are most definitely being met!" Ray H., Electrician*

"I came for neck, lower & mid-back pain. Treatment relieved pain completely. Yes, all of my expectations were met. I will return whenever I need services. Everyone is very friendly and professional." Cheryl S., Stay at Home Grandma!*

"It was a wonderful experience. I think it was the best decision I've made, they treat you like you are family and are always friendly. They are very dedicated to their job. I needed help with stress and back pain. I was amazed how good this worked. After being in pain for so long, it feels almost like your "new" again! I would recommend this to everyone that has back problems. Don't think twice it can really change your life!" Shanley M., Lab/Branch Mgr.*

"I was not sure chiropractic care would help the pain I was experiencing at the time in my wrist. CHC exceeded my expectations by eliminating my wrist pain." David R., Engineer*

"I have had neck & back pain for many years and CHC has helped manage my pain and all of the staff are friendly, concerned and professional. I am living a much more comfortable life now and recommend them highly." Cynthia R., Client Service Rep*

"I wanted to not be in pain and to reduce my migraine frequency. Especially when studying. Since coming to Hannan Wellness I have fewer migraines. I feel little to no discomfort in my neck and back, especially when sitting at a desk studying for long periods of time. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Love the enthusiasm!" Keri E., Student*

"Hurt right shoulder-needed treatment. Treatment was great, excellent care by all personnel- I feel good!" Dave D., retired*

"Was highly recommended to the Hannan Wellness Center and wanted to get there as soon as possible. I was very pleased and impressed with how thorough everyone was from the front desk to the Doctors and one of the friendliest staffs I've ever met. My treatment was gentle and effective & all my questions were answered. I am now pain free, Dr. Hannan, Dr. White and their staff have completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you." Sid B., Musician/Teacher*

"I came to CHC because I had back & hip pain and I wanted to be free of pain all over. The care is excellent. They went over & beyond. My body is totally free of pain. I haven't felt so good in years." Angela B., LMT*

"I was seeking chiropractic adjustments to alleviate pain associated with occupation along with sport-related injury that occurred recently. I'm experiencing greater flexibility, less tension throughout muscular system and better rest. Not only did you all meet my expectations but exceeded them along with a great personality that compliments your skillful profession. Thanks a lot!" Courtney B., Mortician/Wellness Consultant*

"I slept a lot and my hips always bothered me. With the Holistic Healthcare Services I hoped to be awake more hours in the day and be less fatigued. I also hoped that with chiropractic services my hips wouldn't bother me as much. I have only been a patient for a month but I am more awake and my hips are feeling better!" Meghan D.*

"I began treatment in April 2011 for a neck injury. The entire staff from the very beginning was amazing! Everyone is so kind and gentle, particularly since I am a nervous patient! The awesome care I received and continue to receive has helped so much. Thank you!" Paige P., Bereavement Counselor/Canon Hospice*

"If I had an objection it would be cost. Thankfully treatment is covered under my insurance. The staff has been very helpful in making sure all the proper paper work has been filed with my insurance company. The care I've received has been exceptional. Thanks to the attentive staff, knowledgeable doctors and well equipped facility my pain has almost completely diminished. I look forward to my continued care at the Chiropractic Health Center." Mark S., Firefighter*

"My goal prior to starting Ideal Protein was to lose weight. Not only have I lost weight but I have learned more about better nutrition via my coach, Lauren, and I feel healthier. At first I was unsure if I would be able to stick to the diet. But with Lauren's patience and guidance I was able to find things I could enjoy eating without feeling deprived. The staff and my coach were there when I needed encouragement. I am extremely happy with my results and my husband is also pleased." K. G., RN*

"For years I suffered with neck, back & arm problems. Multiple injuries & excess computer work has contributed. Treatment here has given me relief so quickly and more successfully than any other clinic I've tried in past years. The staff is great and the doctors know their stuff. I feel like family here thanks to all of you!" Denise L, Legal Secretary*

"I suffered from constant to intermittent lower back pain. Yes, my expectations were met and then exceeded. The Doctors and staff were professional and friendly. They effectively lowered the intensity and frequency of my lower back pain. I would gladly recommend the Chiropractic Health Center to anyone suffering from back pain." Ian S., Software Engineer*

"I had lower back problems and my pelvis was rotated toward the side. CHC treated me very well. My back gets better and better every time I come here. Everyone here cares for one another and it almost seems like a second home. Yes, my expectations were met. I really think that all people with back problems should come here and Yes, Mrs. Myra is the best!" James T., Future Pro Football Player*

"I thought that chiropractic care did not accomplish long term expectations. But, as for my particular problems CHC has been life changing. It has met my expectations. Pain and suffering has been greatly minimized." Wanda G., Pt. Time Teacher*

"I have suffered from back problems since fall in 2002. Dr. Hannan has helped me tremendously. I've been a patient for a number of years and could not be living life truly fully without her care." Robin L, Self Employed*

"I heard rumors that adjustments could make your problem worse than it is if you get chiropractic care. Finally, my pain caused me to seek care. The nerve pain in my lower back feels 100% better. I can now start to do daily activities without pain." Gerver B., Mechanical Designer*

"The doctor's and other staff were very helpful. I suffered from migraines almost every day along with occasional back pain. After the first few adjustments my migraines completely went away. The lower back pain took a little longer to go away, but now I'm completely pain free. It's great!" Stacey K., Secretary/Waitress*

"I have problems with the muscles in my upper & lower back, neck & shoulders. My objective was to find relief from the compounding pain & to relieve the tightness overall.

After a treatment I feel instant relief & the pain is gone. It is so nice to get relief from my chronic illness. It gives me sanity & helps me be comfortable at work. I highly recommend trying the treatments, the relief is instant!" Lacie D., Civil Engineer*

"My #1 objection was mostly centered around the fear of pain I might endure. The care that everyone provided me has been excellent. The staff was very polite, welcoming and paid close attention to detail. When I first arrived my upper and lower back was in so much pain, but after 4 weeks the discomfort began to become a thing of the past. I can move around and perform my job at home without the pain now." Cheryl F., Homemaker*

"Being a healthcare provider, I prefer to try & solve my own problems & take care of my own healthcare needs. I don't like having to rely on other providers to help solve my health problems. With advancements in healthcare technology & holistic healthcare, I can usually find what I need to treat myself….most of the time. I came here because of severe pain in my left neck & shooting down my left arm. I perceived this to be a pinched nerve & had never had pain this severe in the past. Within a week of treatments, the pain was almost completely gone & gone by the end of 2 weeks of treatment. I was very surprised how fast I felt better with treatment." Blake M., RN*

"I wanted to be free of low back pain & be able to stand erect. For 15 yrs. I had to take 11 pain pills everyday just to be able to function through the day. I also had ROM issues in my neck. After just 3 weeks of treatment the ROM in my neck improved 90%. My lower back pain improved 75%. I may have to take only 1-2 pain pills a week, depending on what I have to do on those particular days. I absolutely recommend CHC for anyone's chiropractic needs. Not to mention the staff members are fabulous." Lona J., Nurse*

"I was very apprehensive of chiropractic adjustments, but reluctant to meds for back pain. I first spoke to Dr. Archer by phone & felt comfortable making an appointment. After only a few adjustments I was thrilled by how good I was feeling. Dr. Archer recommended a supplement for fatigue in my legs due to a medication I was taking. My almost pain-free days were interrupted by an auto accident and I was very disappointed about having to start therapy all over again. The staff at CHC is kind, caring & knowledgeable-they assured me I would be feeling better again in no time. I am! My adjustments & therapy have been successful and the supplements Dr. Hannan suggested in her Wellness Consult have helped me tremendously. Thanks to everyone at CHC! I am a new believer in chiropractic & holistic health & feel it should be a pre-requisite to many traditional medical procedures." Brenda M., Adm. Asst.*

"It is always a nervous experience to see a new doctor especially when you are in pain and your spine is involved. I came in for a Detox footbath and saw the level of care afforded the patients. I made my appointment and have been amazed at how much the doctors and staff care for their patients. My pain level has gone from so strong that it required several medications to almost no pain. I completely trust the doctors and would recommend them to anyone." Robyn L., Teacher*

"I wasn't sure if chiropractic would work or be worth my time, effort and money. 1st Zerona Laser: Wonderful experiences with staff. Some results @ end of sessions and hoping for continued loss of inches. 2nd Wellness: Have never felt better after consulting with Dr. Hannan and following plan with supplements. 3rd Chiro: Making great improvements. 4th Can't wait for Ideal Protein!" Susan R., Office Admin./Law Firm*

"I just want to thank each one of you for being there for me. Everyone treated me so good; words can't describe how grateful I am. My wife and I wanted you all to know how very much we appreciate the entire staff at this clinic. It is hard to find a professional clinic anymore that can be helpful, kind & considerate, while being professional. The care you all gave me was above and beyond what was expected. I truly believe we were led to this Chiropractic Health Center for a reason. I thank you so much for being there when I needed it so desperately." JD. V., Crane Operator*

"I've been under the care of a chiropractor since 2004. I completely believe in this type of care and it's the reason I do not get sick. I haven't had a flu shot in years! I fully trust that this office can keep me healthy & running!" Laurie T., Applications Analyst*

"I had a bad experience with another chiropractor but CHC has helped me believe in chiropractic again. I have more results here than I had in 5 years at other doctor's office. I don't know what I would do without this place. I have recommended this office to everyone." Brooke B., Bartender*

"I wanted to lose weight and inches and I was trying to go down in clothes size. The service here was great. The staff would help you get to your goal and were perfect in helping me get there. The service that I received was just what I was hoping to get. I lost 30 lbs. and went from a size 13/14 to a size 6! I feel so much better about what I can wear as well as my overall health and I also sleep better now too!" Marcia A., Clerk*

"My back and tail bone were both out of alignment which caused intense pain. I came into the office barely able to walk, I needed my husband's assistance to go up stairs, to sit or lay down. After the first treatment I was able to move about without assistance. After three treatments I had very little pain. By the sixth treatment I was pain free! My expectations were exceeded as I thought it would take months to correct my problem, but it only took two weeks. Most importantly, the staff is AWESOME!!" Naimah Z., Dance Instructor*

"I had pain in my back, neck, arms, hands & fingers. Since I began treatment the pain decreases with every visit. I use to cry everyday & was in so much pain I had almost given up that anyone could help me. Now, I can have my grandchildren over all the time, which is my biggest pleasure in life!!!" Theresa C., Business Owner*

"I was not certain that chiropractic care would help my problem, would I really feel a difference soon? Now, my arm no longer falls asleep & I can now turn my head further without pain!" Yvonne S., Dental Assistant*

"I was suffering with neck & low back pain due to auto accident. I was in constant pain everyday. Adjustments and therapy have made my discomfort tolerable. I feel so much better from the treatments I receive from Dr. Hannan and her staff. It is a pleasant experience going to CHC & I would highly recommend her services before any type of surgery." Debbie C., Insurance Sales*

"I was afraid that I might get injured with the adjustments from a chiropractor. The care & services at CHC were amazing. I feel so much better, I had gone to doctors for two years and never felt any better, but after just the first adjustment at CHC I felt a whole lot better. Thank you for all you do!" Dawn B., Homemaker*

"I came to CHC to relieve pain, swelling and breakdown scar tissue in my knee after breaking my femur in seven places after a ten foot fall. As usual, Dr. Hannan and her staff went above and beyond. I noticed tremendous reduction in the swelling and scar tissue just after 3 laser treatments. I started out walking with a limp and this affected both hips, but with the adjustments I'm almost totally pain-free! I thank God for Dr. Hannan, Dr. White & Dr. Archer and all the precious staff." Kathy L., Hairstylist*

"I wanted to get healthy and feel better. I had lower back pain and was feeling unhealthy for several months. I tried massages but it did not work. The care/service went beyond my expectations. After several months of feeling unhealthy and increased lower back pain, I finally had relief. The staff and doctors have been amazing and I feel fantastic. Thanks!" Rebecca D., Attorney*

"I was getting pain in my right shoulder blade which was followed by pins and needles and numbness in my right arm. I also had sciatica in my right hip and leg. After treatment here the problem with the shoulder is completely gone now. The sciatica is 90% better than when I began treatment and I'm able to sleep again." Dawn D., Homemaker*

"I had many reservations about chiropractic care in general. I was unsure of the outcome & if it would be beneficial to my overall health. The care & service I have received thus far from Dr. Hannan and her staff has far met my expectations. I came to CHC with chronic lower back pain. Due to the wonderful care & thorough treatments from everyone here, I am now pain-free! Jennifer K., Mother of 2*

"I was really hurting, having pain in my lower back & down my leg which was making it hard to walk or do anything. But after just a few weeks of treatment my pain was much less and now is completely gone after only one month!" Joan B., RN Educator*

"The main concern was to whether or not my issue/pain could be resolved. Secondly, was an issue of whether or not this would hurt or possible worsen my issue. All of my expectations were successfully met & concerns removed. I am feeling virtually no pain or stiffness anymore." Chris C., Field Service Rep*

"I've been coming here for about 4 months after getting in a car accident. For a while it seemed like I would never get better, as I was in a good bit of pain. However, I am finally starting to feel better and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can't wait to start working out and finally having my life back, Thanks CHC!" Kristie H., Administrative Assistant*

"I am a RN of 40 years of practice. While in school and shortly after there was little mention of chiropractic care. I was introduced to chiropractic care through my husband but was still skeptical. It wasn't until I severely hurt my back while doing gardening after Katrina, I was almost paralyzed. When I came to Dr. Hannan I had been going to another chiropractor without relief. Dr. Hannan seemed to be more aggressive with her treatments and I experienced quick recovery. She is most concerned with her patient's holistic existence." Marcia B., RN*

"I felt this was gonna be the same treatment I had received before, which did not work. This time the treatment reduced pain in my joints and did not increase pain in other places like the last clinic. My expectations were totally met." Nikolai I., Student*

"Originally, the orthopedist said not to go to a chiropractor. However, the years went by and I was still in pain with my lower back. I got to know Dr. Debbi Hannan at church and decided to avail myself of her services. That was some years ago. I have been pleasantly pleased with the office staff and Dr. Debbi is a very skilled practitioner. With regular adjustments I experience no pain in my lower back. I may add that she has educated me in what movements & sitting posture not to engage in. I unreservedly recommend Chiropractic Health Center to my friends and family." Mary H., Administrative Assistant*

"When I had my first visit I was in fear due to the fact I'd never had chiropractic treatment in the past, I thought something might go wrong. When I met everyone the idea didn't seem as bad as before. The friendly staff treated me like family, they even called to see if I was coming and to see how I was doing. The doctors are the best; I had no pain after just 5 visits." Sarah J., Student*

"I was unsure if chiropractic could help my neck & back pain. CHC eliminated my pain! Monthly adjustments now keep me from having pain. Everyone here always goes out of there way to help you." Marie E., Clerk*

"I was looking for relief from very bad lower back pain, I was leaning to the right and couldn't walk straight. I came to CHC and have been feeling a little better every day since I began treatment. The doctor's and aides are great! I have come a long way in a short time." John T., J.P. Troubleshooter*

"I was worried about my health, for years I had been exercising & trying many diets but I hadn't seen changes….I needed help. I believe a big part of getting healthy is having guidance & support of good people, I found that here at this clinic. I feel so welcome and it's like a big family looking out for my well being…that's important to me…I learned how to make healthy choices & how to take better care of my kids. I lost a whole pant size and I feel better overall and more energetic." Patty D., Housewife*

"My expectations were exceeded here at CHC! Dr. Hannan is kind, careful and very thorough. I truly look forward to my weekly manipulation as well as the sunny dispositions of all the staff members. The atmosphere is warm and cheerful, much like family!" Lynn M., Tennis Player*

"I am so glad someone recommended CHC it has made my life better, made my spirit more inspirational…I am blessed to be at this chiropractor. Yes, my expectations were highly met. If you are seeking natural chiropractic health, choose CHC, they are the greatest! I would highly recommend them." Cheryl M., CAN*

"Considering this was my first experience with chiropractic care, I was a bit hesitant concerning the level of care I would receive. The desire to explain my healing process, answer my questions I had, and provide an inviting and open atmosphere made my experiences very enjoyable. The combination of therapy and lifestyle recommendations has made the path to recovery one of continuing success." Jeremy J., Environmental Engineer/consultant*

"By receiving monthly adjustments I am able to relieve the stress that builds up in my neck and back. I am always on the go and this is one way I can make sure to take care of myself so I can keep on going and feel great. As a busy mother of four and business owner, I need all the stress relief I can get." Connie Q., Sales*

"The care and kindness everyone has shown to me at Dr. Hannan's office has exceeded my expectations. Everyone has become more like a friend or family member than just a caretaker. I feel blessed to be taken care of by people as wonderful as these. Thanks and God bless." Prakash A., Worship Leader*

"Tension in my neck, pressure in the back of my head, ringing and pressure in both ears is what brought me to CHC. I was very anxious about my condition. I had 5 ER visits prior to seeing Dr. H. Her staff and Dr. H were extremely kind and considerate. They wee warm, gentle and very welcoming. I feel stronger as each day goes by. I thoroughly enjoy coming here. I looked forward to being healthier and happier than I ever have been." Monica, Mammography*

"I am very pleased to have the privilege of being cared for by Dr. Hannan. She and her staff are very knowledgeable in the treatment of the whole body. I have felt better in a shorter time than when I was under the care of other doctors involved in my treatment for the accident I had 18 months ago. I have hope and understanding of my issues and believe I am close to being cured of my ailments. There is no better staff or doctor than Chiropractic Health Center. Thank you." Sandra I., Product Admin.*

"I was involved in a car accident. As a result, I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and was having difficulty with basic mobility. The MRI revealed a bulging disc. After receiving treatment on the DRX 9000, I am totally pain-free and would highly recommend the service to anyone who is having back discomfort." Carla S., Teacher*

"I was hesitant at first going to a clinic that could not write a prescription for pain medication/relief. After a couple of visits and treatment, I could definitely see a difference. My expectations were met and exceeded. Hannan's Chiropractic staff was extremely pleasant and professional, while making me feel right at home. I was treated with muscle stim. & ice plus adjustments for my back." Zack D., Sales*

"I has no previous objections to chiropractic. The care I received was far beyond anything I could have hoped for. I was in so much pain when I first arrived and after a few short weeks I am almost pain-free. The staff has been so wonderful & helpful. I highly recommend anyone with pain or discomfort to come here. Thanks for all you've done." Michael B., Real Estate Appraiser*

"I come from a family of mostly women. We have a history of yo-yo dieting. When one of us finds a new diet we're all in until we discover it doesn't work or it's just too hard to comply. I just assumed I was meant to be chunky. I "discovered" the concept of eating according to your blood type at CHC. I began shedding pounds and inches with consistency. I feel "well" really "well" Now!! I began Endermologie to help with toning & firming my new smaller body with awesome success! My advice…we are all worth the effort to improve our health." Lisa K., Educator*

"I wanted a diagnosis of the root of my pain through chiropractic and then take the proper actions towards healing my pain. My care tended to my needs and relieved my neck and back pain." Ryan R., Computer Systems Specialist*

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  • "My health has improved considerably thanks to Dr. Hannan"
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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Hannan."
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